Real Estate Lawyer Mississauga, ON

Our team of Real Estate Lawyers and Law Clerks in Mississauga bring significant expertise and numerous years of experience dealing in all matters of real estate law.

We assist and represent buyers, sellers, lenders and borrowers in a wide variety of real estate transactions. We assist our clients in all phases of both basic and complex real estate transactions starting from the drafting and/or negotiation of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale to the eventual closing of the transaction.

We assist and advise our clients in all aspects of real estate law, including:

  • Negotiating and drafting agreements of purchase and sale;
  • Advising with respect to agreements of purchase and sale;
  • Acting for buyers or sellers on purchases/sales of:
    • New and resale homes
    • Condominiums (residential & commercial)
    • Cottage and rural properties
    • Vacant / development land
    • Multi –residential properties
    • Commercial & industrial properties
  • Acting for borrowers or lenders on mortgage transactions;
  • Advising borrowers with respect to mortgage liability;
  • Advising lenders with respect to debt or mortgage enforcement; and,
  • Private mortgages.



Legal Fees $699.00 (Includes 1 mortgage)

Disbursements $400.00 (approx)

*Each Additional Mortgage $150.00

The following costs are in addition to the above fees:

Registration of Transfer (Ownership) $71.30

Registration of Each Mortgage $71.30

Title Insurance (specific to each transaction)

Land Transfer Tax (specific to each transaction)

If you are a First Time Home Buyer, you are exempted up to $2,000.00 on the Land Transfer Tax Rebate.




Legal Fees $599.00

Disbursements $300.00 (approx)




Legal Fees $499.00

Disbursements $300.00 (approx)

of Title



Legal Fees $300.00

Disbursements $100.00

Registration of Transfer (Ownership) $71.30

Land Transfer Tax (specific to each transaction)

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